Our Intelligent Chatbot solutions

Creation of Intelligent Chatbots with the Botnation platform

Botnation is the ideal platform for creating chatbots thanks to its ease of use, innovative features and flexibility. No programming skills are needed to create powerful chatbots.

With comprehensive online help, live chat advisors and personalized training, Botnation supports you in creating effective conversational experiences.

AI-assisted chatbot creation with Data GPT

Latest innovation in our platform: the automated creation of operational chatbots from your data using AI.

All answers will then be based on the content you provided.

The chatbot will be able to answer users’ questions about your business and/or find products that match their searches.

Multiple distribution channels: Website, Messenger, Instagram…

Creating chatbots on multiple channels such as website, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google Assistant offers several advantages.

First of all, it makes it possible to reach a wider audience and adapt to users’ communication preferences.

Additionally, it improves customer experience by providing instant and 24/7 support across different platforms.

Free Collaborative Mode: Optimize teamwork!

With a single paid account, it is possible to add as many collaborator accounts as necessary, at no additional cost.

Team members can share ideas, contribute to chatbot development, and track progress in real time. This facilitates coordination and maximizes team productivity.